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2019 Crystal Thumbs Up Trophy for Awards

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New Sanhe Crystal

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2019 Crystal Thumbs up Trophy For Awards


High Grade A K9 Crystal

New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd., the original is New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Factory. In March 2005, the state administration for industry and commerce approved the establishment. in September 2013, the name was changed into the New Sanhe Crystal Crafts Co., Ltd., And now it is located in the 2th floor, building 33, central crystal park, which in Yantou town, Pujiang county, Jinhua city, Zhejiang province. The company with about 2000 square meters, about 100 employees, and about 50 cooperative enterprises.

Our Advantages:

1. Factory direct, low price and high quality(our products are of Japanese and Korean quality).

2. OEM&ODM.(u give the design, we can custom it) ,Sample order is acceptable

3. We own a more than 100 professional staffs , designs ,cutting ,carving,sandblasting,and polished machine to meet all of your requirements.

4. 24 hours in quick response & after-sales service.

According to American ASTM C162-89, crystal glass is defined as a high-transparency, colorless glass commonly used in the manufacture of art or tableware. According to this definition, Cristallo, Bohemian potassium-calcium crystal and Crystalex and lead crystals should be included. But few people now regard Venice's crystallo as crystal glass, which has basically become a historical term.

The European Community (EEC) published guidelines in 1972 in the form of document 312/1972, which states that lead crystal glass is divided into:

(1) Full lead crystal (Full lead crystal) containing PbO ≥ 30%, density d ≥ 3.0g / cm3, refractive index nD ≥ 1.545;

(2) Lead crystal? Contains PbO ≥ 24%;

(3) The crystal glass does not clearly define the PbO content, but points out that the German market has a glass containing PbO18% and d≥2.7, which can be called PRESSB LEL KRISTALL or BLEIKRISTALL GEPRESST.


Although the EEC 312/1972 document has been published for more than 30 years, it is still being implemented. This document clarifies the area of lead crystal and crystal glass, and the lead crystal and lead crystal do not add glass. Some countries in Europe have modified and supplemented this document.

Such as

European nine national standards

BHSL 326 is similar to the EEC 312/1972 guidance document. Divided into:

(1) high lead crystal PbO ≥ 30%, refractive index nD ≥ 1.56;

(2) Lead crystal PbO ≥ 24%, refractive index nD ≥ 1.545.

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